Friday, 24 December 2010

Percy Parkinson (1879-1910)

2010 saw the 100th anniversary of the death of my great-great-uncle Percy Richard Parkinson at the age of 30.  From the little I've learnt of him since discovering him in the unutterable oblivion that was previously his fate, he was a brilliant young man: a qualified doctor with an interest in medical research; and an all-round sportsman particularly keen on mountaineering, skiing, cricket and football.  He was, to boot, rich and good-looking: the most eligible of eligible bachelors.  He appears to have been held in very high esteem by all who knew him.  All of which (perhaps) makes his death from tuberculosis, at Cannes, on 23rd May 1910, particularly poignant.

P.S. In connexion with Percy, I'm searching for (any descendants of) a certain Charles Thomas Cook Beecroft, born Luton 1880, died ???  He and Percy were pals, having gone on a mountaineering expedition in the Rockies together in the Summer of 1907.

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